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Meet Andrea

Andrea was born in 1984 in Slovakia. She studied at the Central University of Agriculture and then the Slovak Agricultural University. While in High school she fell in love with flower-arranging as an art-form.

After graduation she traveled beyond the borders of Slovakia. She has been living in Norway now. It is here that, at the age of 26, the world of photography initially enchanted her. At first her interest was passive but in 2012 she purchased her first camera, and step by step developed her skills and gradually focused on artistic portraits.

She is different because she sees the world differently. She likes to take pictures of women who have no previous experience in photographic modelling, helping them to discover themselves more intensively. Andrea prefers daylight and simplicity to artificial set-ups, and takes delight from combining nature with feminine beauty. She enjoys the challenge of engaging with new people in new situations.Her photographs have appeared in Italian Vogue, Instagram and many other foreign sites. Her objective is to exhibit in galleries worldwide, convinced that her pictures will make a deep impression on viewers.



07. 09. 2018 –




17. 02. 2018

Electronic People at Rockheim Panorama

Bratterøkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim


Solo exhibition

Slovak Embassy, 10000, Zagreb

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